motion-pipeline (ABANDONED)

pypi version Project Status: Abandoned – Initial development has started, but there has not yet been a stable, usable release; the project has been abandoned and the author(s) do not intend on continuing development.

Frontend and recording management pipeline for the Motion video motion detection project.



This project is abandoned. I got it working in a very basic sense - it’s able to handle events from motion (motion detection and new movies), display the movies in the very simplistic web UI, extract the first frame, and send a summary notification (with the first frame image) via Pushover. It also has support for archiving/deleting events and some basic classification of them.

Unfortunately I moved last week, and the motion detection logic in motion can’t handle all of the moving shadows from trees on my property. ZoneMinder, which takes color information into account, can handle it much better. So I’ve abandoned this in favor of ZoneMinder. I’m leaving the code here in case it’s of use to anyone.


I have two IP cameras at home that I’d like to use for security, specifically motion-activated recording and notification of events when I’m away. The cameras (see my detailed unboxing/review of them on my blog) are 960P and 1080P, respectively. The current options for Free/Open Source software to do this aren’t adequate for me; ZoneMinder, the de-facto standard, doesn’t meet my resource constraints of being able to run on (or partially run on) a RaspberryPi 3 B+ and the other options I could find aren’t mature or lack features I need.

As a result, I’m building this. It’s a project composed of multiple services and intended to handle processing data from Motion (recordings and the metadata associated with them), storing it, and providing a viewing interface and notifications/alerts. The project is intended to be modular, utilizing a storage service (S3 or the local S3-compatible minio), a queue (Redis) and a database (MySQL) to connect a handler that runs on the same device as motion (this could be anything from a RaspberryPi to a server), an asynchronous task worker for ingesting new data from motion, triggering notifications, and generating thumbnails, and a web frontend.


Full documentation for this project is hosted on ReadTheDocs at

Bugs and Feature Requests

Bug reports and feature requests are happily accepted via the GitHub Issue Tracker. Pull requests are welcome. Issues that don’t have an accompanying pull request will be worked on as my time and priority allows.

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